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Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity - Story

Immortality is boring. While one would imagine an all-powerful vampire has a lot to do, such is not the case for Remilia Scarlet. After 500 years, the Scarlet Devil is desperately searching for something new to grab her interest. One day, she finds exactly that when she stumbles upon a newspaper article about a powerful, mysterious monster wreaking havoc across the countryside. Her curiosity piqued, she runs out to investigate this disturbance, letting the tabloids guide her to just where it might be.

After an unsuccessful first investigation, she returns to find her mansion in ruins. It seems the monster has brought the fight to her! Vowing revenge, Remilia sets out with a renewed sense of determination: she will find this monster, and she will make it pay! ...And, at least for a time, she might not be quite so bored.


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Acclaimed Indie Title Makes Jump to Console

Originally released as a fan-made indie title for PC, Scarlet Curiosity instantly gained a following for its beautiful soundtrack, impressive art direction, and high-speed action, and the leap to PS4 further refines the game with 1080p visuals running at a smooth 60 frames per second.

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Two Characters for Twice the Adventure

Players can choose to play as the titular vampire, Remilia Scarlet, who relies on her magic and vampiric abilities to defeat enemies at her own pace, or her devoted maid, Sakuya Izayoi, who prefers close combat as she tears things up with her time control powers and infinite supply of knives.

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Familiar Friends and Fearsome Foes

Fans of the Touhou series will find themselves right at home as the game is packed to the gills with fan-favorite characters, some of whom will challenge Remilia and Sakuya to intense boss battles that fill the screen with projectiles in a manner worthy of the renowned Touhou 'king of bullet hell' name.

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Action and RPG in Equal Measure

While containing all of the combat, platforming, and boss fights of an action game, experience and equipment systems allow players to level up, toughen up, and unlock various special abilities and magic spells to customize their gameplay experience.


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In Touhou: Scarlet Curiosity, you'll confront the challenges you face with five different actions: your basic attack, jump, and three equipped special skills, which you can change up whenever you like. Remilia is a hard-hitting powerhouse who can easily lay into enemies at close range, while Sakuya favors finesse, with a wide variety of skills that can strike many enemies in a single use.

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Although you'll begin your adventure with a limited selection of skills, both Remilia and Sakuya will learn additional skills as they increase in level. There are even several weapons in the game that enable the use of unique attacks based on the item's origin.

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Collecting better equipment will help our heroines progress through the game, and the main source of new equipment is treasure chests. These chests can be found tucked away in certain places in each stage, and are also sometimes dropped by defeated enemies. Each character has three equipment slots: Weapon, Armor, and Accessory, and there's no telling what type you'll get from a chest, so it pays to hunt them down (and increase your Drop Rate stat, so more enemies give you freebies). If you get something you already have, there's no need to fret - no two piece of gear offer the exact same state boosts! Compared several of the same item and choose the variant with your favorite bonuses to customize your playstyle!

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